Presskit Hooligunz
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Hooligunz (also known as HLGNZ)  is a Dutch producer, performer and DJ. His ablility to put his own spin on any production has led him to craft a very unique sound in music and performing
Killing festivals and clubs with his filthy gangster sound, harddance expert Hooligunz is on his way to change the harder styles.
With his unique way of using sounds and combining several genres, he will keep the scene amazed with the most brutal productions and performances.

In september 2020, Hooligunz was introduced in the harder styles.
His unique style and appearance makes him an artist that no one will ever forget. He is known for using risky sounds to create the unique Hooligunz vibe and his type of style really sets him apart in the industry.

This young dutch hooligan has already played at a lot of festivals and venues, including his own events, and he isn’t planning to stop!
Pushing boundaries and changing the rules in the scene, this man is going to reveal more and more of his nasty gangster style.